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ALPHA Mentorship Class

The ALPHA Program is the flagship learning event of Future Proof. Our goal is to give professionals access to industry icons and pioneers through mentorship. Each class is purposely small - a total of 30 people - for more in-depth learning. 

Our classes focus on strengthening strategic thinking, leadership, decision-making skills, giving you a new perspective on each subject matter. Lectures pull from mentors' rich experience in their respective fields - from failures to victories, their styles, and own philosophies.

People who attend ALPHA are leaders of their companies, departments, and organizations. We provide a safe space where you can exchange ideas freely and build connections with fellow lifelong learners.


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The DigiCon is the largest annual gathering for the digital industry in the Philippines. It is organized by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP).

Since 2017, Future Proof has been handling the event's speaker and program management, sales, marketing, and sponsorship support. We have seen the event grow, from 1,500 delegates to 3,000 - composed of marketers, creatives, business owners, technology providers, and digital marketing pracitioners. We have also seen incredible speakers such as Bozoma Saint John (Apple / Uber / Endeavor), Brian Solis (Prophet / Salesforce), Patty McCord (Netflix), Tom Goodwin (Publicis Groupe), and more, take our stage.

Apart from the talk, people look forward to DigiCon for the trade exhibit, immersive experiences, and the Boomerang Awards and party.


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MEDIA Congress 2019

Headed by the Media Specialists Association of the Philippines, the Media Congress is the biennial conference for media agencies, publishers, and practitioners in the country.

In 2019, the Media Congress also marked the MSAP's 10th anniversary as an industry group. During this milestone, the conference theme - MPOSSIBLE: Media on a Mission - paid homage to media's evolution throughout the years, and showcased possibilities for the future. Over 1,500 delegates attended the conference, held at the Newport Perfroming Arts Theater.

That year, MSAP tapped Future Proof to handle event marketing, sales, speaker and program management, and project management.

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PANA Brand Master Sessions

PANA Brand Master Sessions is a full-day masterclass featuring some of the most renowned names in the world of business. It is organized by the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), and gathers over 300 people from the marketing industry.

In 2018, PANA brought in Paco Underhill, known globally as the farther of retail science, and author of the bestselling books, Why We Buy: The Science of ShoppingWhat Women Want, and Call of the Mall. The following year, the masterclass was led by Martin Roll, author of the bestseller Asian Brand Strategy and an expert in family businesses.

Future Proof was names as PANA's marketing, sales, and event management partner for the conference.

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13th AFSN Annual Meeting and Symposium

Event Objectives:

The Asian Forensic Sciences Network (AFSN) is a global network that provides a platform for forensic scientists in Asia to advance forensic science. It is composed of 62 member institutes from 17 countries in APAC.

Every year, the network gathers its members for its Annual Meeting, to share the latest research, insights, technology, and best practices in the field. Apart from these objectives, it is also a chance for the host country to showcase its culture, and to promote camaraderie among the international members. 

For 2021, the Philippines played the host country, led by the Philippine National Police.

The Work:

The biggest challenge is translating the week-long symposium into a virtual event, given its many requirements. Apart from the Plenary Sessions, the event features:

  • Smaller Working Group meetings (total of 9). 
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor Booths that offered branding, thought leadership, and lead generation opportunities.
  • A Community Board that fosters connection amongst the regional delegates. Apart from topics related to the Program, delegates also posted fun content and icebreakers that everyone could contribute to.
  • A Leaderboard to gamify the experience and incentivize active participation
  • A virtual photo booth where participants could share their own experiences while tuning in to the event remotely.


  • 1,500+ attendees representing 10 APAC countries
  • 115 sessions over 4 days
  • 92 speakers
  • 177 discussion topics posted
  • 2202 community board total messages
  • 255 photos shared

Services Rendered: 

  • Virtual Platform Management
  • Program and Speaker Management
  • Multi-country registration
  • Delegate support
  • Virtual Exhibit Management
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World Bank of the Philippines Philippine Economic Update

Future Proof PH managed the virtual launch of the two Philippine Economic Update report launches for 2021, and the Agiculture report on 'Realizing Scale in Smallholder-Based Agriculture: Policy Options for the Philippines.'

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Climathon Pasig

For 2021, Climathon Pasig was done 100% online, with a new portion called the Climathon Pasig Camp. The weekly camp sessions provided participants and the public with several learning sessions to help them as they develop their ideas and pitch presentations.

After a month of these sessions, the participants were asked to form their teams, and to choose which among the 3 design challenges they will solve for: Reducing GHG emissions, solid waste management, and sustainable mobility.

During Climathon Week on October 23-29, a total of nine teams pitched to our esteemed panel of judges, and a champion was chosen per design challenge.

The winning teams will have the opportunity to pilot their solutions to a barangay in Pasig City.

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Gradvantage 2022 Virtual College Fair

Event Objectives:

College LinkQuest (CliQ) is a team of College Admissions and Preparation Specialists that equips Filipino high school students to get into the college of their dreams. 

The original aim was to mount a fun outdoor college fair for both students and parents, however, with the uncertainty of Covid-19 surges, 2021 was still not the year for a physical college fair.

Still, how can CliQ create an engaging event for students who are looking for a new experience that will stand out from their day-to-day online classes?

The Work:

CliQ, in partnership with De La Salle Zobel, launched Gradvantage 2022 - a fully-immersive online college fair, set in a 3D, 360-degree virtual environment. 

The environment featured the following areas:

  • An Auditorium, which hosted 8 speakers who covered topics to help students and parents prepare for College life.
  • An Exhibition Hall, where exhibitors can showcase their products and services. In the 3D booths, students can chat, schedule a meeting, download brochures, and watch videos.
  • Meeting Rooms, where exhibiting schools can host lightning talks to talk about their campuses
  • A Networking Forum, where students can chat with counselors and speakers on a range of topics, and 
  • A 360 Lobby, containing more information about Gradvantage and Cliq.


  • 1000+ students and parent attendees
  • 16 sessions for 2 days
  • 11 speakers
  • 30 interactive exhibitors

Services Rendered:

  • Virtual Platform vetting and management
  • Program
  • Delegate Experience
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CareerCon 2019 is a celebration of talent and the future of job seeking. It is our answer to ineffective and uninteresting job fairs, and done in partnership with Kalibrr.

We want to challenge the notion that job fairs are only for the unemployed or those discontented with their current jobs. At CareerCon, it is about discovering what the future holds for your respective industries. It is not simply for job-seekers, but for growth seekers.

Apart from the career fair where attendees can discover new job openings from the most innovative companies, the event also featured a Conference featuring professionals with storied career journeys, and a Career Mixer, which is a dynamic speed networking for employers and talent.

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BRAND Bootcamp

Brand Boot Camp™ is the first seminar-workshop of its kind launched in November 2014. Brand managers and business owners were invited to take a measured look at their brands in a participative “roll-up-your-sleeves” learning environment. The goal is to equip participants with fundamental marketing skills and insights to carry back to their day jobs. It is organized by Acumen Brand Strategy Consultants.

In 2018, Acumen partnered with Future Proof for the event's marketing, sales, and speaker management.

That year, the event took on the theme of EVOLVE: Brand Building in the New Digital Reality, with talks and discussions revolving around Analytics and Insighting, Brand Management, and Communications Design Strategy. 

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CONSUMER INSIGHTING & Storytelling Conference

The Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference is an annual, 2-day seminar by Synergy Market Research + Consultancy. The event deep-dives into the intersection of insight and creativity, offering marketers, creatives, and executives, new perspectives into the consumer psyche. The event features a speaker roster coming from diverse fields, including advertising, media, neuroscience, anthropology, and design.

In 2018, Future Proof came on board to handle marketing, sales, and speaker management for the conference.

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The Philstar Virtual Leadership Summit is a free online conference, with the goal of providing inspiration and motivation to today's leaders - especially those in small businesses and start-ups without access to expensive leadership training. It was the first of its kind when it launched in 2017, with the second edition in 2018. 

The online summit ran for 5 days, with an average of 250 people attending each day. 

Speakers included Francis Kong, James Lafferty, Winston Damarillo, and more.