The Company

We produce learning events such as seminars, workshops, mentorship sessions, and other learning concepts for professional development.

We also help partner companies and associations to conceptualize, organize and hit business targets with their own learning events.

why we do what we do

Our Why

We believe that the best way to future proof oneself is through continuous learning, especially in these disruptive times.

We also believe that the world is a treasure trove of new ideas and voices, and our goal is to unearth these.

Our Projects

ALPHA Mentorship Class

ALPHA gives professionals the opportunity to be mentored by industry icons and pioneers from different fields.


Organized by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines, the DigiCon has grown to be the largest gathering for the digital industry in the Philippines.

MEDIA Congress 2019

Headed by the Media Specialists Association of the Philippines, the Media Congress is the biennial conference for media agencies, publishers, and practitioners in the country.

PANA Brand Master Sessions

PANA Brand Master Sessions is a full-day masterclass featuring some of the most renowned names in the world of business. It is organized by the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), and gathers over 300 people from the marketing industry.